Thursday, February 21, 2008

Spend The Day - Behind The Scenes With These Jocks...

Spend The Day - Behind The Scenes With These Jocks...

Behind The Scenes With Diego Bailon

Asian/African American soccer star Diego Bailon has joined the Coach's current soccer squad! We go behind the scenes of his first big day on campus with a photo shoot, sport massage and hot shower.

Behind The Scenes With Mycal Gabriel

Peruvian Soccer star Mycal Gabriel has returned to visit the Coach's locker room. The all star Alumnus returned to his home country to score big, and he reminds the Coach of his great physique and development in a photo shoot, massage and shower.

Spend The Day With Damian Norris

Coach Karl's school had a exchange student from Ireland a few years back. Damian Norris paid a visit to the Coach's Office recently, to renew old times. Coach Karl and Damian work out on the Treadmill, then after a great sport massage, and a strip photo shoot for the Cheerleaders new Calendar, Damian takes a hot shower. Another winning season!

Spend The Day With Dominik

Coach Karl welcomes the return of star Soccer player Dominik from Croatia! After doing some Soccer drills outdoors, the tall, dark and handsome Mediterranean jock works out on the Coach's new Treadmill, does a strip photo shoot for the Cheerleaders new Calendar, enjoys a great massage, and a hot shower.

Spend The Day With Ron Magic

Coach Karl once again taps the International Student Affairs Office for his newest Cheer Squad star - Ron Magic. Direct from India, the Magic gets ready for he upcoming soccer season by telling us all about his life there - and now in the States - as a fashion model, which will come in very handy on the Cheer Squad.

Spend The Day With Jude Anthony

Coach Karl did well bringing Jude Anthony on to the Skater Squad. Here, the Coach watches Jude do a few practice runs on his new skate board, then settles down for a sport massage, followed by a hot shower.

Spend The Day With Kurt Kanyon

Coach Karl's new auto mechanic Kurt Kanyon is multi-talented, not only can he tune up the team bus, but he also knows how to set up the Coach's new treadmill - while naked!

Kurt also likes skateboarding, receiving massages from the Coach, and taking a hot shower.

Spend The Day With Mr Thorn

Mr. Thorn was a runway model and exotic dancer in Europe. Let's Spend The Day with Mr. Thorn and get to know him!

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My Fun New Book - Louie Camp Cat Burglar

I had so much fun making this book... it was a dark and rainy night, and Louie Camp was prowling the alley...  I caught him - with his pants down - in several locations! It was so much fun!

Male Nude Photography- Louie Camp Cat Burglar
Louie Camp is the 20-something neighborhood Cat Burglar. The skater guy is not as cunning as the Pink Panther... we find Louie all over the back alleys of the city, and even taking a rest on some furniture ready for curb-side pick up. Full frontal outdoor male nudity, color, 40 pages.